Everyone Can Post Articles at SBC Open Forum!

Posted on August 12, 2012 by


This is not your average blog! It is an open discussion forum that uses a blog medium. Once you get the hang of composing posts using the WordPress post editor, you may find that the blog medium is simpler and more convenient than the usual discussion forum medium. Discussion forums usually separate the posts into subforums based on category, such as having a theology subforum and a “general” subforum, etc. Many sites even break it down further, with, for example, the theology subforum being separated into 4 or 5 subcategories. But the tradeoff is that their posts are separated, and you must go to the appropriate subforum to find a particular post. With the blog medium of SBC Open Forum, an article can be posted in as many different categories, and with as many tags, as the author (you) desires. All posts will list under the “home” page. But the other categories will be automatically assigned to the menu at the top of the screen, so that all articles posted in the “theology” category can be listed together by selecting “theology” on the category menu. It will work the same for any category. As for tags, one may click on a particular tag in the “Tag cloud” on the side bar, such as “Salvation,” and all the messages tagged with “salvation” will appear in a list.

For more basic info, read the “About” page.

Ken Hamrick