Wine and Communion

Posted on September 2, 2012 by


I know. This is a controversial subject, wine that is. But I would like to see if there are any readers who can agree with me that the use of wine in communion is at least permissible. And, I’m not really interest in discussing the propriety of social use of alcohol, at least not in this post.

Let me start by stating some of my assumptions:

  1. I believe that the wine of OT and NT times was just that…wine. I have seen papers and books attempting to make the case that what Jesus drank (Luke 7:33-34 e.g.) and the wine at Cana was actually grape juice. I remain unconvinced by those arguing those positions.
  2. Therefore, I assume that the cup(s) in the last supper contained wine, not grape juice.

By the way, the church where I presently attend uses only grape juice (to my chagrin) and I have been to some SB churches over the last couple of years that offer both a wine and grape juice option.

So here is my question: do you believe that it is permissible to have wine in communion, either alone or along with grape juice? Why or why not?