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Why Am I Protestant?

All of the hype and excitement surrounding the election of a new Pope has me thinking about many things in regard to our faith. One of the things I’ve noticed in this excitement is the degree to which many Protestants seem to be just as excited as many Catholics regarding the new Pontiff. It makes me wonder if many Protestants view him as their leader as well. This makes me ask another question. Have we lost our understanding of why we call ourselves Protestants? I think many have. Protestants are, by definition, protesting against something. In this case, we are protesting against what we believe are unbiblical teachings in the Roman Catholic Church.

Before I even begin to talk about these things, I would like to say that I’m NOT denouncing Catholics here or saying that no Catholic is truly a Christian, or anything of the…

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I am a Youth and Worship pastor at First Baptist Church in Herrin, IL. I don't love my Lord nearly enough. I don't hate sin nearly enough. Without Him, I'm nothing. I'm far from a finished product, but God is working in me both to will and to act according to His good purpose.
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  1. Robert Magnus says:

    If the new pope was their leader, they would come home to the Catholic church now. Come home now.

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