What to Expect in the Next Twenty Years

These are my predictions for some of what we can expect in America in the next twenty years, if Christ’s return is later. It’s pure speculation based on current trends as I see them.

  • The Facebook fad will end up in the dust bin of history, just like all the fads before it…. to be replaced by something else.
  • The rise of businesses that refuse to accept cash. This will be justified by a concern for eliminating cash robberies. It will be the next step toward a cashless society. This trend will prompt banks to equip ATM’s to accept the old fashioned cash in exchange for dispensing flimsy “cash cards,” which will be like Visa gift cards for amounts as low as one dollar. Eventually, the inconvenience of having to exchange cash for cards will be the demise of cash all together. Of course, even cards can be stolen. If only there were a way to embed the card number in the skin—say, on the hand or forehead…..
  • The kind of nudity and sex scenes that currently require an “R” rating in movies will become common on television and in commercials. Considering that in the early days of television, the mere mention of the product, Preparation-H, resulted in a forced suspension of broadcast, it doesn’t take a genius to look at today’s standards of decency and see where this is quickly heading.
  • Not only will homosexual “marriage” be approved in the near future, but it will inevitably result in challenges to the anti-polygamy laws, which will easily fall in the shadow of the same-sex marriage victory. Although the supporters of polygamy in these challenges will be heterosexual, the unintended result of removing the one-spouse restriction will be homosexual polygamy—and further, the forming of marital union groups consisting of both sexes. Extremists will compete to see who can form the largest marital group, as if modeling Plato’s “ideal society.”
  • Obamacare will turn out to be much more of a behemoth than anyone imagined. The marriage of government and free-market healthcare will collapse under the combined weight of Obamacare and another economic recession. In order to provide for an otherwise unobtainable healthcare (and quell the rioting), the government will be forced to take over in some radical, socialized way.
  • Evangelical Christianity will become even more fractured among those who still care about theology and doctrine, and will become even more liberalized among those who disdain doctrinal distinctions. If the SBC can hold together, there will come a day when it will be the last remaining mainline denomination that has not caved in on the homosexual issue.

Of course, I could be wrong… 🙂

Ken Hamrick, 2013

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