New Format: Where Southern Baptists Can Be Informed & Engaged

As you can see, there’s a new format here at SBC Open Forum! On the home page, there are now two side bars on the right. The first contains the RSS feeds for organizational sites and group blogs, listing the two (or more) latest posts from each. The second side bar contains the RSS feeds for individual blogs, listing the latest post from each. I’ve chosen those blogs that seem to me to be of greatest interest to Southern Baptists, and I realize the lists are not yet complete—more to come. The RSS feeds are automatically updated as new posts are published. Although the area for displaying SBC Open Forum posts has been reduced on the home page, the area expands when any post is selected by clicking on the title or on “Continue reading “. Additionally, the blog feeds are replaced by Recent Comment feeds for SBC Open Forum whenever the Discussion List or a post is selected. This sticky post will be left up for a week or two, and then taken down. Hope you enjoy the new format, and your input is appreciated (as is your participation)!

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3 Responses to New Format: Where Southern Baptists Can Be Informed & Engaged

  1. parsonsmike says:

    I like the format. Good job Ken!

  2. Ken Hamrick says:

    So far, we have 19 feeds from organizational-group blogs and 41 feeds from individual bloggers. Any suggested additions?

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