Ark Encounter—A Great Evangelistic Outreach | Answers in Genesis

by Ken Ham on September 22, 2014

The last part of July was a very interesting week here! After years of prayer, numerous battles, and lots of hard work—they all came together, and we are now starting construction of the evangelistic Ark Encounter project! Here’s a summary of what’s taken place in regard to the building of this exciting outreach to millions of souls:

  • Our battle to obtain a federal permit (which had been holding up construction for over a year) finally came through!
  • The Tourism Board of Kentucky granted preliminary approval for the possibility of receiving a refund of sales tax (which is performance based) at the completed Ark Encounter; if the Ark attendance is strong and tourism dollars flow into the state, then a refund of sales tax collected from guests in the park will be granted.
  • The complex architectural and engineering work had been completed, and meetings are now going ahead with contractors to let bids.

Now, at the same time all these tasks were being carried out recently, the AiG ministry (and it should come as no surprise) came under a number of massive attacks. Continue reading .

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