Is Divorce Equivalent to Homosexuality? | Moore to the Point

Russell Moore

Russell Moore

This week my denomination, through its executive committee, voted to “disfellowship” a congregation in California that has acted to affirm same-sex sexual relationships. This sad but necessary move is hardly surprising, since this network of churches shares a Christian sexual ethic with all orthodox Christians of every denomination for 2,000 years. One of the arguments made by some, though, is that this is hypocritical since so many ministers in our tradition marry people who have been previously divorced.

The argument is that conservative Protestants already embrace a “third way” because we’ve done so on divorce. Continue reading

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2 Responses to Is Divorce Equivalent to Homosexuality? | Moore to the Point

  1. Thank you for sharing that article. “They are in fact marriages”, he says: the adulterous marriages should be accepted. Hooray! That hypocritical position cannot be sustained, and you will- in 20-30 years time, he says, I hope less- marry gay people. Then everyone will be happier.

  2. parsonsmike says:

    I think that for many churches, your words will prove right. But for some churches, they will be forced to apply the Biblical standard of God and not the heathen standard of the world. They will be forced to apply those standards by their own consciences. And though they might not always be happy, they will still live with joy.

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