Real History: An Honest Approach or Flag Waving Patriotism? | Deep in the Heart…

AP US History is a very difficult course.  I know, because I taught it for quite a while. The students who took the courses in my classroom were, for the most part, the cream of the crop.  They were interested in both the historical facts, and their implications.  And they wanted to know the truth.  Fact is, when I was learning history, I did too.

I’m not sure at this point whether the disruptions to the educational process are the best way for the students to get their message across. Continue reading


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  1. Jason Mahill

    I am so happy to see a fellow Christian recognize that some of these conservative groups are pushing an agenda and doing the very thing they have been accusing liberals of for the last 40 years.

    I hope that we can have an open and honest discussion among Baptists about this. It has troubled me for almost a decade how easily many conservative evangelical pastors buy into the fraudulent ramblings of people like Ayn Rand, David Barton, Jay Sekuow, and Glenn Beck.

    From the Christian side of things, I think people like DL Moody would simply shake his head at this. From the political side, William F. Buckly would take to the airways and call people out, just as he did when he ripped into Ayn Rand’s redulous philosophies.

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