Theology Thursday: The Complementarian Conundrum | themelios

Joel Rainey

Joel Rainey

One of the most noticeable cultural characteristics of evangelical Christianity are the counter-cultural elements that set us apart from the world, and there is possibly no more hotly debated topic that the issue of gender roles and relationships.  Where these particular issues are concerned, discussion becomes more heated because there is disagreement even within the body of Christ, and most of this heat is aimed at those who identify as “complementation.”  

This group–which includes myself–believes that while men and women are created as equal image-bearers of God, Scripture prescribes a pattern in the home and the church that clearly call for male leadership.  Our egalitarian brothers and sisters attack this position from both exegetical and practical standpoints, and often the accusation is made that the complementarian exegetical case is weak, as well as practically untenable. Continue reading


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