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answers-in-genesis-logoThe United States Supreme Court and gay marriage are in the news again. News media reported on the latest “non-ruling” by the Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court on Monday turned away appeals from five states looking to prohibit gay marriage, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in those states and likely others—but also leaving the issue unresolved nationally.

The justices rejected appeals from Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The court’s order immediately ends delays on gay marriage in those states.1

By doing this, the Supreme Court Justices have really effectively endorsed gay marriage by allowing the rulings in favor of gay marriage in the lower courts to stand in those jurisdictions.

Over the years, Christians have spent millions of dollars trying to change the culture in regard to the abortion issue and the current very high profile gay marriage issue—but this hasn’t really worked! Continue reading

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One Response to Are Christians Commanded to Change the Culture? | Answers in Genesis

  1. Lisette Defoe says:

    I am baffled each time I hear one believer or a preacher stand behind gay, lesbian, transgender and the like. It is beyond belief… Not sure what Bible they are reading.

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