Do you have confidence in Christ that can handle Ebola? | Denny Burk

Denny BurkMy heart sank when I heard the news this morning about Thomas Eric Duncan. He was the first Ebola victim discovered in the United States, and he passed away earlier today. I don’t know much about Duncan at all, but I do know this. He travelled to the United States late last month after having contact with Ebola in Liberia. The disease overcame him after he arrived in Dallas, Texas. His condition became so desperate that his family members could no longer have video conferences with him. The sight of him was too unsettling for them. He died alone in an isolation ward this morning. Some people have suggested that Western indifference to the Ebola epidemic in Africa is a racial thing. I wonder if the lack of urgency doesn’t have more to do with the remoteness of Liberia from the everyday lives of average Americans. Mr. Duncan’s arrival in Dallas erased the distance that many Americans may have felt before. Continue reading →


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