Theology Thursday: The Complementarian Conundrum, Part II. How Fathers Can Raise Strong Women | themelios

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Joel Rainey

Joel Rainey

In last week’s Theology Thursday, I spoke to the exegetical case for male headship.  This week, I want to focus on one expression of how this teaching is applied in a practical way.  Too often, those who hold to the complementarian position have a rather monolithic cultural expression of that position, and this approach is what often brings the well-known criticism from egalitarians that sounds a lot like “you guys just want to take us back to the 1950s!”

In short, the monolithic way complementarian teaching is applied in the west often results in complementarianism itself being blamed as the culprit for why women are abused, stereotyped, or raised to be “weak.”  What follows us a post I wrote sometime ago that demonstrates how the idea of male headship is working itself out in my own home.  Continue reading →

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