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Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax

Over the weekend, I was tagged in a Facebook conversation. Anthony Bradley was lamenting my “Know Your Southern Baptists” series for making TGC lean too heavily toward Southern Baptists, because there is no comparable series for Anglicans, Presbyterians, etc. This charge caught my attention since Christianity Today’s recent profile on me in their millennial edition mentioned this as a distinctive element of my online work:

While other young Christians may be casting off denominational identity, Wax celebrates the legacy of the SBC with his blog series Know Your Southern Baptists, featuring the church’s pastors, authors, and musicians.

Anthony is a writer I pay attention to – a mix of insight, wisdom, and all-around feistiness that makes him always interesting to read. So, since I was part of “instigation tagging” – a new phrase that popped up in the comment thread (yes, Anthony, please write about this new phenomenon!), I thought I’d jump in and explain the rationale for the “Know Your Southern Baptists” series. Continue reading →

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