‘The Islamic spectrum’: from radical to moderate | Baptist Press

Baptist PressNASHVILLE (BP) — A range of news items from ISIS beheadings to Muslims buying Christian church buildings illustrate the “competing streams” within Islam and the divergent theology of moderate and radical Muslims.

“There are and have been competing streams, ideologies within Islam from the earliest moments,” Islamic studies professor J. Scott Bridger of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, told Baptist Press. While all forms of Islam run counter to the Christian Gospel of salvation through Christ alone, “some of them are subversive to democracy” and do not provide for freedom of religious expression.

All Muslims believe in God and the prophet Muhammad, and they advocate such practices as fasting during the month of Ramadan and giving to the needy. But beyond that, various groups of Muslims hold divergent theological and ethical systems — and they all find passages in the Quran that reflect their approach.

On the violent end of the Muslim spectrum, ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq released a video Oct. 3 showing the beheading of British aid worker Alan Henning. Continue reading →

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