Ebola and Sacrificial Love: How Early Christians Handled Plague | DownshoreDrift

Posted on October 16, 2014 by


Alan Cross

Alan Cross

With Ebola coming to America and fear gripping the nation (or, at least the media), I thought that it would be helpful to look again at how early Christians addressed sickness and plague. I wrote about this in my book, When Heaven and Earth Collide, and also printed this excerpt a couple of months ago when Ann Coulter was criticizing Christian missionaries for going TO Africa. Coulter said that they should have stayed here and attended to American needs. She was incredibly short-sighted, though. The sickness over there came here anyway.

When I think about how we should address a plague or an epidemic, perhaps the example of the early Christians is one that we should consider. Instead of seeking to save our lives and run away from the danger, maybe we should seek to serve others and be agents of healing. Even if we lose our lives, we have gained eternity. Can Christians be part of the solution here? Continue reading →