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John M. PerkinsJohn M. Perkins — October 22, 2014

Editors note: In what follows John M. Perkins, author of Let Justic Roll Down,  answers 3 questions for the October issue of Towers. Perkins will be on campus Monday, October 27 as the guest speaker for the Julius B. Gay Lecture where he will speak on “Why We Can’t Wait: The Urgency of the Now”. The first 50 to attend the lecture will receive free copies of his book. 

In your opinion, how does the gospel accomplish racial reconciliation? 

For reconciliation to take place, we must create an environment that is worshipful and where God’s Word can clearly be heard. The gospel is only the gospel when the totality of the redemption is heard, when we proclaim the depths of God’s love and the longing of his people for change. That’s when reconciliation can take place. Continue reading →

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