Things in a Christian Worldview No Christians Really Want to Talk About | Deep in the Heart…

Lee SaundersYou’ve always been warned not to talk about religion and politics.  Well, the term “Christian Worldview” gets thrown around a lot these days, and I’ve discovered that when it is used, few people really know what it means.

A Christian Worldview is a pretty simple concept.  It is a term which defines the way people who have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ live their lives.  It is based exclusively on the Bible, as the written word of God, and its concepts relate to all areas of life.  It is not always easy to discern, given the differences that occur when attempting to interpret and apply scripture.  But Jesus reveals God to humanity, and through that revelation, along with the word of the prophets made certain in his coming, and his word interpreted by the apostles and writers of the New Testament.  So it is up to us to find out what he wants us to know, and use every resource available to continue developing a Christian worldview that becomes enough of a part of your life to see the world that way, live your life consistent with what you see, and make the kind of difference that God desires for you to make. Continue reading →


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