Sex: The New State Religion | themelios

Joel Rainey

Joel Rainey

Religious Freedom in America is dying.  Though this has been stated often, and ignored just as often, rolling one’s eyes at the statement doesn’t make it less true.

The biggest irony here is that the vehicle being used–possibly in an unintentional way–to kill religious freedom is the very vehicle everyone in the country was assured would not affect it–laws that now codify our current sexual revolution, and are most visible in cases involving abortion and LGBT rights.

Those who favor these laws have for years assured Christians that these changes in the law would not in any way affect religious freedom, or infringe on the consciences of those who believe these actions to be sinful.  Many of us responded by saying that these moves would in fact affect religious liberty–perhaps in an irreversible way.  Turns out, we were right. Continue reading →

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