As churches grapple with mental illness, ministers open up | Baptist News Global

bng-logoFor congregations to adopt a different attitude toward mental health, some clergy say they’ll have to be transparent about their own struggles.

By Jeff Brumley

Robin Williams’ suicide in August sparked a wave of articles on mental health issues, including many gauging society’s knowledge and sensitivity toward persons with mental illnesses.

Christian writers and media outlets pondered whether the modern church is any more accepting and compassionate toward those with depression than before — a question that also arose when Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren’s son, Matthew, killed himself in April 2013.

Debates flared in religious circles over medication versus prayer, faith versus science and the prevalence of depression among U.S. clergy.

While divergent in focus and opinion, most blogs, columns and articles shared one theme: that the American church is anything but a sanctuary for those plagued with emotional and psychological disorders. Continue reading →

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