Reaching the United Kingdom with Truth | Answers in Genesis

answers-in-genesis-logoThe worldwide ministry of AiG is witnessing a global hunger for truth, and we have been increasing our efforts to respond in many ways. I’ll share more about those efforts later, but I first wanted to tell you about a dramatic outreach overseas.

I have just returned from what I believe to be the greatest creation apologetics outreach ever in the United Kingdom. Organized in conjunction with our worldwide ministry efforts, our co-hosted UK Mega Conference was attended by over 1,500 people—most coming to all the sessions from Thursday evening through Saturday evening.

Over 100 pastors, missionaries, and other church leaders were in attendance (including one missionary to the Amazon people). The attendees came from Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Poland, Albania, Romania, Switzerland, Hungary, USA, Australia, and India. There were also a number of Christian media representatives, including one from Holland. Continue reading →

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