Should We Die with Dignity? | Woven Words and Thoughts

Posted on October 31, 2014 by


Dan Barnes

Dan Barnes

There is much talk in this modern age of medicine about what to do with terminally ill patients. If you know you are going to die and it’s not going to be a pleasant death, is it ok to take your own life so you can “die with dignity”? I wanted to talk about this concept of having dignity, is it something we should even strive for? What is the deal with dignity?

When you and I came into the world, we did so without a shred of dignity. If you have ever been part or even an observer to the birthing process, you know there are lots of things, but dignity isn’t among them. There is a great deal of nakedness, noise, mess and sometimes some confusion depending on how quickly things go. My kids were are c-section, so it was as dignified as it gets, but all of my kids came into the world the same way. Messy, naked and crying. There is no dignity to the way we enter this world. We have to be cleaned up, clothed and cared for, and the beauty is that as an infant, we don’t care. Continue reading →