Mars Hill Church to dissolve, sell property | Baptist Press

Baptist PressSEATTLE (BP) — Mars Hill Church, the Seattle-based network of congregations founded by controversial pastor Mark Driscoll, will dissolve, sell all church assets and encourage its 13 campuses to become independent congregations.

Dale Braswell, a Southern Baptist church planter in the Seattle area, told Baptist Press the dissolution is both sad and hopeful.

“It’s sad seeing an organization like Mars that’s reached so many people and done so much good working in the Seattle area” dissolve, Braswell, pastor of Lifepoint Church in Lynnwood, Wash., said. “But there’s hope in the sense that a lot of new churches are going to be autonomously started. And, Lord willing, those churches are going to start churches … and the impact can kind of continue.” Continue reading →

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2 Responses to Mars Hill Church to dissolve, sell property | Baptist Press

  1. jimpemberton says:

    Risking a undue negative tone here, I have to observe that this serves as an example of what happens when a church is centered on the personality of one pastor. It’s not as dramatic when it’s an otherwise normal church, but any church that is so dominated by the leadership of a single pastor fails when that leadership is removed. I haven’t heard of how Bethlehem is doing since Piper’s retirement, but I think he went to great pains early on to ensure that the church wasn’t dependent on his leadership or his popularity. Driscoll liked to teach leadership and I’ll take this as his final lesson.

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