What is the Gospel? | The Gospel Centered Woman

Gospel Centered WomanThe descriptor gospel-centered is becoming a bit of a buzz word. If you ask 25 people what it means, you are likely to get 30 different answers. When we use the phrase at this website, it’s important to have parameters for what we mean. First what is the gospel? And, second, what does it mean to be gospel-centered?

What is the gospel? Now there’s a loaded question. There are two mistakes to avoid in this article and on this website as a whole. Mistake #1 is treating the gospel as a word that everyone already knows and understands. It’s a mistake to believe that when one uses the word gospel, all reading it are on the same page and reference the same core beliefs at the mention of the word. Mistake #2 is believing that any of us has the ability to fully explain the gospel to someone who doesn’t already know it. The gospel is a deep concept, a multifaceted diamond that after a lifetime of study will still contain elements we have not completely understood. Continue reading →

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