TRANSCRIPT: Should couples write their own wedding vows? | ERLC | Russell Moore

Russell MooreWell, I’m back. This is Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and this is Questions and Ethics, the program where we take your questions about moral dilemmas that you are facing and try to look at them from a gospel perspective.

We have been on a little bit of a hiatus while I have been finishing a book. The book is done, coming out next year, and so, I am ready to go back to talking to you about whatever is on your mind.

And the first question that we have comes from a listener who writes and says, “Dr. Moore, we are planning our wedding, and we were planning to write our own vows, but after watching the Livestream of the ERLC National Conference, we noticed that you said that you don’t let couples write their own vows. Can you talk a little bit more about that, and should we rethink this?” Continue reading →


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  1. jimpemberton

    I appreciate Moore’s point here. What he’s talking about is a sea change in how people view weddings and, by extension, marriages. Christian marriage is a public thing in that the relationship is to be held accountable to the fellowship of believers. Unfortunately, many Western Christians don’t view it that way. It’s a matter of unrepentant pride that says, “my happiness is not open to your scrutiny, and my happiness trumps the relationship with my spouse.” That is diametrically opposed to the gospel of Christ in respect to how we are to find our happiness in following his example in the way we seek each other’s (and in the case of marriage, our spouse’s) best interests. Inasmuch as Christians don’t like that message, they demonstrate their hatred of the gospel. Strong words? Yes, but they could probably be stronger.

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