UK Mother Legally Ends Her 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Life | Around the World with Ken Ham

answers-in-genesis-logoA story making headlines in the UK makes it clear that some people, rather than viewing life as a gift from God, have decided to play god in certain cases to determine themselves when and how a person should die. Recently, the mother of a severely disabled 12-year-old girl petitioned the United Kingdom High Court to allow her to euthanize—or kill—her daughter. The little girl, Nancy, was born unable to eat, drink, see, or talk. Her mother petitioned the judge to be allowed to end Nancy’s life because Nancy was in pain and “she has endured enough.” The judge ruled that Nancy had “no quality of life given the circumstances” and allowed Nancy’s mother to take her daughter’s life. Nancy’s feeding and drinking tube was removed and 14 days later she succumbed to dehydration and starvation and died. Continue reading →


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  1. dr. james willingham

    We have entered the culture that loves death. Since they think there are no eternal consequences, death for them is justified as a means to end what they perceive as misery. Never mind the misery they cause in getting someone there. The instruments of such sordid events will find that there are consequences, eternal and punitive. Something to be dreaded by everyone, even by those who claim Christ as Lord and Savior and then contradict His teachings by their lifestyles of disobedience. There is forgiveness with the Lord that He might be feared.

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