Why We Need the Church | 9Marks

Jenny Manley

Jenny Manley

“I love Jesus; I just don’t care for the church.”

“I don’t need the hypocrites in the church to help me follow God.”

Why We need the church

“My relationship with God is private; I don’t need other people to tell me how to worship my God.”

I know women who have said these statements. At some point, they have been by the local church, and they see the body of Christ more like a den of lions than a flock of sheep. They have been wounded by those who claim to know the grace and forgiveness of a holy God. These women have experienced pain in one of the most intimate relationships designed by God for his children—a relationship intended to be so close Christ describes it as different parts to one body. I would guess you know women like this, too. You may even be one of them.

If you know someone like this or this description fits you, take a moment to re-consider your relationship with the beloved bride of Christ. Continue reading →

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