Immigration and the Great Commission | themelios

Joel Rainey

Joel Rainey

“100 years ago we sent missionaries to the nations to look for cities. Today you go to the cities and you find the nations.” -Ray Bakke

Today, President Obama is expected to reveal his plans for reforming our current immigration system–plans that most expect will be controversial. If you want to stoke emotions and heat up a conversation, you need only mention the subject of illegal immigration and step back. The sparks are certain to fly!

In the wake of this latest round of tense discussion over this issue, the folks at Lifeway released a survey that shows pastors significantly support some form of immigration reform. For many pastors, this is now no longer an impersonal issue, because many are starting to see the way it personally affects people they now know. I’ve discussed at length before why I believe our current system demands significant reform, but regardless of your position on this issue, followers of Jesus should be responding to immigration first on the basis of our Kingdom calling. Continue reading →


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