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answers-in-genesis-logoAt one time in the past, the people of the United States generally knew who ruled over the affairs of men—the Creator God of the Bible. They even put His name on their coins and currency. In just one generation that attitude has changed. What happened?

State of the Nation DVDs

This double-DVD pack contains both of Ken Ham’s recent talks on the State of the Nation, “The Collapse of Christian America” and “Reminders Removed.”

The entire western world is changing. Whereas the West was once permeated by Christian thinking, with a predominantly Christian worldview in regard to morality, there has been a dramatic shift.

Abortion was once by and large considered to be killing a human being and so was basically outlawed. Marriage was once considered to be between one man and one woman. But now gay marriage is increasingly accepted and legalized.

Why has this change occurred? What are the foundational reasons for such a dramatic shift in worldviews? Continue reading →

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