The Gospel and Leviticus | The Gospel Centered Woman

Gospel Centered WomanFor a quick survey of the gospel in Leviticus, check out Four Things that Happen When You Study Leviticus for More than Ten Years and listen to John Haralson’s message on Leviticus 9. John is the author of this post on The Gospel and Leviticus.

About two months ago, our congregation embarked on new sermon series on Leviticus. Some people in my congregation chuckled, others furrowed their brows. “Leviticus, seriously?” One newcomer to our church had a slightly different take. He said to me, “Well, I’m going to stick around for this sermon series just to see what happens.” I put him in the same category of people who watch NASCAR races just to see the crashes.

Why we don’t study Leviticus–

I personally have never heard a sermon series on the book of Leviticus. In 14 years as a pastor, I have never preached a single sermon from the book of Leviticus. Continue reading →


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