Do You Tremble? | SBC Today

SBC TodayAllen M. Rea | Pastor
Dunn Memorial Baptist Church, Baxley, GA

The modern church appears to be looking for the movers and shakers. The church is obsessed with new formulas and methods. “Success” is the crown worn by those who have attracted the largest following. Church members desire chaplains to attend them and comfort them. They shy away from men of God who would proclaim the ultimatums of Truth to them. The admiration of godless ambition has gifted to the modern church a plethora of undisciplined complacent pew warmers. I say this only to state what I think is desperately obvious: we need revival.

I am not speaking of a revival that we plan. I am speaking of what the Blackaby’s refer to as a “fresh encounter with God.” This country has not seen a revival for over 100 years. We have no living testimonies of a revival! You may think: my church just had a revival and I attended! True revivals turn the world upside down; that is not something you attend but something you experience. If you left revival meetings unchanged, then you did not have revival. Continue reading →

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