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answers-in-genesis-logoby Ken Ham on November 24, 2014

I have a very special true story to share with you today, and it involves a former Army Ranger. But first some background . . . .

When I began giving apologetics presentations on biblical creation in Australia (1970s), some people in the church were actually rather discouraging towards me. For instance, they would tell me that the teaching of evolution and millions of years was so pervasive in the culture (and the church) that it would be hopeless to have any impact.

I remember one person telling me I should just concentrate on “getting as many people saved as possible without trying to deal with such issues as creation/evolution, because everything would get worse anyway!”

I’m glad I didn’t listen to those naysayers over 30 years ago! In fact, I recall telling one person something like this:

If you start digging a coal mine with a teaspoon, it will take a long time to dig a hole. But the more people who start digging with you, the faster and greater the hole will become.

And then I started to tell people something like this:

God’s Word is like a major weapon. For me it’s as powerful as a “nuclear bomb”—the more that we can see people motivated to stand on God’s Word and proclaim the creation/gospel message, the more the impact can resound around the world.

I am often reminded that God’s Word uses a lot of military-type imagery to help us understand the real spiritual battle we are in—and how Christians need to be actively involved. Continue reading →

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