Back to Ferguson, After the Grand Jury: Is This a Setback? | Deep in the Heart…

Lee SaundersLeaving the comments on the rightness or wrongness of the grand jury’s verdict in the Darren Wilson case to the media, and the court of public opinion, I’d like to give some of the other elements of this event a closer look, because I think that’s where the real progress can be made, and some real good done.

First of all, I feel the most sorrow for the business owners who placed their trust in the community, and located their businesses in a place where they found themselves in the middle of something they didn’t plan, or expect. They were serving the community, investing in it, and while they were benefitting from it, they didn’t deserve to bear the brunt of a jury decision they had no control over, nor the wrath of a community blindly lashing out to vent its anger and frustration. More than any other aspect of this event, they have a legitimate complaint regarding what happened to the protection they were promised, and why the instructions they were given to stay away, and the protection they were promised, did not materialize. Continue reading →

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