Christian Mission in a Post-Christian World (Interview) | Desiring God

David Mathis

David Mathis

This ain’t your momma’s America. The societal change in North America, and Western Europe, in the last generation has been remarkable.

Secularism has been on the rise. Church attendance has been down. And whatever optimism we may have about the rebirth of spirituality among the rising generation, this is not the society of yesteryear. We live in an increasingly post-Christian milieu, and there is a growing sense in healthy evangelical congregations that we can’t just keep doing things the way we’ve always done them.

Not everything needs to be rethought, but some of the methods with which we’ve been most comfortable need serious and careful evaluation in light of our quickly evolving context. And according to pastor and author Jonathan Dodson, one of the areas that most needs our attention is evangelism. Continue reading →

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  1. Says who? I mean, just because some want to say that this is a Post Christian World, that does not necessarily reflect the reality in this case. After all, if the Christians are still the dominant number of believers in the world, and if they have the promises of God for a better future for the world, and if those promises include the destruction of the conspiracy that thinks it runs things (Dan. 2), then we are going to see a different outcome and we ought to be trumpeting that fact….after we give ourselves to prayer as per the manual for such practices, Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt, which inspired Carey and others to launch the Modern Missionary Movement.

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