Fight Over Ferguson or Focus on Solutions: How Should Evangelicals Respond? | Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr.

William Dwight McKissicBattle lines are being drawn among evangelicals regarding how to properly interpret and consequently communicate the happenings at Ferguson, within the context of a biblical-kingdom worldview. One side sees the problems of Ferguson as rooted in history; particularly the history of racial and economic injustice in America. I will address this side later.

The other side is articulated by JD Hall and Randy White.

1. The JD Hall/Randy White “Evangelical Worldview of Ferguson”

The JD Hall/Randy White “Evangelical worldview of Ferguson is an isolated incident between a “criminal” running from a store robbery” and “an officer with an exemplary record and quality personal character was in fear that his life was in jeopardy from someone who, by all reasonable accounts, has a lengthy criminal record and troubled personal character, and the officer exercised necessary force to eliminate that threat.”

Those who simply view this as an isolated fight between a “criminal” with a “troubled personal character” and an officer with an “exemplary record and quality personal character” would then view the protestors in the streets of Ferguson and around the country and world as a “mob”, “not a hurting community”, a group with a “lack of values” and “questionably sincere outrage”. Continue reading →

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One Response to Fight Over Ferguson or Focus on Solutions: How Should Evangelicals Respond? | Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr.

  1. Christiane says:

    racism is a terrible thing . . . AND it has its seeds in the teachings that some of us are ‘different’ in a way that makes us inferior

    I think that the country’s first ‘impression’ of Michael Brown was that video of him stealing from the little store and shoving an Asian man who tried to stop him.

    Later, after the terrible events that led to the grand jury decision, people came back to that little store and burned it down . . .

    Racism is all around us, and if we are honest, we are all affected by it negatively . . . especially if our RESPONSE to seeing it happen is anything less than a reliance on the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ as the only hope for healing in our land . . .

    I think events like Ferguson call us all to examine our own responses . . . if our gut response is different from our faith response, then we all have some homework to do on our knees before the Risen Lord. We need to pray. And we need to care about one another beyond judging and beyond our human prejudices, until we see in the ‘other’ one, a human being with a God-given soul.
    We are vulnerable to destruction from our hatreds. Our Lord can be our shield ONLY if we return to being humble before Him. God have mercy. Christ have mercy. God have mercy.

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