The Gospel and Deuteronomy | The Gospel Centered Woman

Gospel Centered WomanIf Leviticus is about God dwelling with His people, Deuteronomy is a book about His children bearing His image. Deuteronomy is about God calling His people back to reflect Him and His glory. What do a people who are set apart to God look and act like?

At first, God’s instructions for setting His children apart seem weird. They are mostly out of our frame of reference. It helps to remember that, at the point Deuteronomy was written in the history of humanity, civilization was not very civilized. God’s children were to be different than the unbelieving cultures around them. They were to be separate spiritually, and they were to be separate physically. God set His children apart with instructions that, if obeyed, would make them the most civilized nation of their time […] Continue reading →

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