10 Plumblines for Local Outreach (Part 1) | J.D. GREEAR

J. D. GreearTen years ago, as a church, we began to ask what it might look like to be a blessing to our city. We were studying through the book of Acts, and came to this passage in Acts 8: “The crowds paid attention with one mind to what Philip said, as they heard and saw the signs he was performing . . . so there was much joy in that city” (Acts 8:6–8). When we asked ourselves if there was “much joy” in Raleigh-Durham as a result of our presence there, we believed the answer was “no.” So we resolved that with God’s help we would become a blessing to our city—to demonstrate Christ’s love to them, to bring his healing to the places in our city that needed him most.

We’ve grown a lot since that time, and I’ve seen God’s hand in so many stories of lives changed and communities impacted by Christ’s love on display. As I look to the future of our local outreach, I’m excited about what God will continue to do as he uses us to love, edify, and build up our community. Continue reading →

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