The Most Hated & Targeted Minority in America

As a group, they are often judged because of the actions of a few bad ones. Their motivations are often judged not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin. They are often assumed guilty until proven innocent—and even then, people reject the verdict. They are harassed, defamed, stalked, attacked, assaulted, regularly spit on and called obscene things, shot at, injured and even killed. Every day that they leave their houses, their families don’t know if they’re coming back. My father was a member of this minority; and when I was just five years old, he was taken from us.

For every day of peace you’ve enjoyed, not being accosted, robbed, raped or killed, you should thank a police officer. Don’t hate heroes—it’s just not right.

Ken Hamrick, 2014




  1. dr. james willingham

    There are great and good men in the police departments. In fact, I would think that the predominant majority of them, but there are also some bad ones. That fellow who killed his wives in the upper Midwest, Indiana? I can’t remember the specific statement. He went through several wives, because his fellow policemen could not believe it possible. Eventually they woke up to the reality. Thank God that the bad ones are definitely in the minority.

    • Ken Hamrick

      Like any other profession, you find a bad one now and then. But does that justify a biased presumption of guilt of any officer involved in any controversial action that gets magnified by the media? No. No other minority would accept being judged based on a few of its members.

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