Pointing to a Better Prince | The Gospel Centered Woman

Gospel Centered WomanI was raised in a conservative, Reformed Baptist home, where all media was monitored for unwholesomeness or potential for bad influence. The Cosby Show was one of the few popular TV programs to pass muster. In the half hour comedy about the fictional Huxtable family, Bill Cosby offered up an aspirational vision for black American family life, with himself as its firm but loving patriarch. Cosby doubled down on ownership of its vision by stamping his name on the title of the show, and broadcast its message to the African American community, upbraiding young black men for their slacker behavior, urban speech, and sagging pants. The cheers of approval from his audience drowned out whispers of possible inconsistencies between his public message and private behavior. Many kids like me were growing up in difficult family environments, and we needed an ideal to aspire to. But several weeks ago, the whispers finally exploded into a social-media fueled roar. With between sixteen and twenty women now speaking out publicly, it appears that Bill Cosby, one of America’s most beloved fictional patriarchs and a prince of pop culture, was secretly a sexual predator. Continue reading →


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