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Thabiti AnyabwileEditor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest post from Isaac Adams, who serves as an editor at The Front Porch. You can keep up with Isaac on twitter @isickadams.

Amidst abounding blog posts, memes, articles, and tweets,

Amidst burning buildings and peaceful protesters’ stomping feet,

Amidst Heaven’s citizens: some outraged, some satisfied, some in ignorance complete,

We’re confused about how we think we should feel, and how we feel we should think,

When black bodies only further into the ground sink; And Lady justice?

She ain’t do so much as blink.[1]

Let me make it clear: I have no exhaustive sociological analysis or physiological remedy for the convoluted, emotional, and deep-seated milieu surrounding Mike Brown and most recently Eric Garner. What I do have is a heavy heart, a Bible, a brain, a mouth, and the Spirit of the living God residing in me by the Father’s grace, and this was bought at the heaviest of costs: his Son’s blood.

And all of that informs the other thing that I do have: a suggestion (see my others here). Continue reading →

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