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Alan Cross

Alan Cross

Pastor Randy White of First Baptist Church, Katy, Texas, has recently written that he doesn’t understand the response of many Evangelicals to racial division in places like Ferguson, Missouri. You can read the whole article and his confrontation of Matthew Hall, who works for Southern Seminary and the ERLC. I do not want to address White’s entire post (way too much there) or get into disagreements about what specifically happened in Ferguson, but I do want to look at one thing that he says that is important for every Christian to consider.

He asks, “Is racial reconciliation a demand of the gospel?”

“Hall begins answering his question about what the big deal with race is all about by telling us that, “all Christians should be mindful of the gospel’s demands for racial reconciliation and justice.” This kind of talk has become common in post-modern church-world. If we make it one of the “gospel’s demands” then we can’t really question it. But I will. Is racial reconciliation a demand of the gospel? Seems to me that racial reconciliation is a good thing and is a social issue, not a doctrinal or theological issue, and certainly not a “gospel demand.” If there is something Biblical that expresses racial reconciliation as a gospel demand, I’ve missed it.”

This is really troubling. Revelation 7:9-11 tells us that around the Throne will be people from every tribe, nation, people, and tongue. So, obviously God sees ethnicity as a real thing that is good and not a barrier and the RESULT of the Gospel is that it will transcend human divisions and create ONE people in Christ. Continue reading →

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  1. Christiane says:

    in my Church is said that the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ IS the answer to all the problems and troubles of this world . . . I hope that someday Pastor White comes to learn this and teach it to his own people, as it is a teaching that can be an anchor for them for all time

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