Fayetteville, Arkansas: America’s Current Religious Liberty Battleground | Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie FloydTuesday, December 9, 2014, is not just a big day for Fayetteville, Arkansas, but also for America. We believe it is America’s current religious liberty battleground.

A Brief History

Just over three months ago, the Fayetteville City Council passed what is called a civil rights ordinance, now known as Chapter 119. This ordinance granted special rights to individuals because of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. These are commonly referred to as Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) ordinances.

A national group called the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is trying to use local city councils to advance their agenda, and they are actively working in cities across America to pass these laws. Recently, cities like Houston and San Antonio had SOGI laws passed, but those laws were not even as bad as the Fayetteville ordinance. Continue reading →

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