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Ronnie FloydSPRINGDALE, Ark. (BP) — As a local church pastor, I am thrilled when I get to share the vision of how Southern Baptists are praying and working to reach the world for Jesus Christ. When I share with our people this grand vision and how our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions is significant to what we are doing around the world, they immediately join in helping fund this vision.

With world crises occurring daily and the severity of lostness ever increasing, we have no other choice as Southern Baptists than to do all we can to take the Gospel to every person in the world. Continue reading →

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  1. In the Fall of 1973 I had the privilege of addressing the Pastors Prayer Meeting of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association (the one born out of the First Great Awakening and a participant in the second) on the subject, A Great Awakening. I would address the Pastors again on the fifth and tenth anniversaries of that prayer meeting on the subject, A Third Great Awakening. In any case, I began praying for a Third Great Awakening in the Fall of 1973 and have continued to do so ever since, often on a daily basis, even frequently during some days. My vision has enlarged through the years. Like Spurgeon, I ask for every soul on earth, and, borrowing some ideas from Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt which inspired the prayer meetings of William Carey and others and the Great Century of Missions along with the verses he listed, I have pleaded for a thousand generations on this earth and for quadrillions of planets as mankind spreads to the stars. After all, our Lord said He would send out His holy angels to gather His elect from “one end of (THE, definite article in the Greek) heaven to the other.”(Mt.24:31). All of this in order to fulfill that prophecy and the one in Rev.7:9 about the number of the redeemed in Heaven being a number which no none can number. We ought to organize prayer meetings to plead the prophecies and promises cited in Edwards’ work in order to inspire the people to pray with a definite purpose and meaning for such a such a visitation of God.

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