Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room: Seeking God In Advent Through the Psalms | DownshoreDrift

Alan Cross

Alan Cross

“Let every heart prepare Him room.” Isaac Watts, 1719 – Joy to the World

Advent is the time where we learn again to long for God – to wait for Him and to expect Him and to prepare room in our heart for Him. We join with those in Israel who were eagerly awaiting the first coming of the Messiah, we are reminded of what it is like to wait on God to satisfy us now, and we join with Christians all over the world who are eagerly longing for the triumphant return of Christ. Advent is the season of waiting, hoping, and expecting that begins four weeks before Christmas Day and culminates Christmas Eve. So, we wait on The Lord. We prepare room for Him, which means that we remove the things from our life that would compete with Him and we open our heart to God’s work and presence in our lives.

One of the Psalms that has impacted me most over the years in cultivating my heart for God is Psalm 63. It is a cry of David for God to be His joy and satisfaction and protection. I was praying through it this morning and was thinking about how much it fits the themes of Advent and waiting upon God as our Savior and Lord. Continue reading →

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