The Gospel Frees Us from Destructive Comparisons | The Gospel Centered Woman

Gospel Centered WomanDiversity in the unity. Unity in the diversity. This is one of the most essential truths about the Trinity, and given that we were created in the image of God, it’s also an essential truth of the church. We are different: some were given to be apostles, some teachers and some evangelists. Yet, we are unified. In Christ, we grow and join together to be a holy temple, a dwelling place of the Lord. The very way He sculpted the earth reflects the beautiful complexity and variation of His creativity.

The Lord has a good design for our differences. Diversity helps us grow and mature. Our various strengths and weaknesses rub against each other in community, moving us toward the cross as iron sharpens iron. We also fill out the body of Christ, for truly on our own we cannot be all and do all. The world, though, doesn’t always see it that way. When sin entered the picture, our communion with God and with each other was fractured, and enmity was sown in its place. Continue reading →

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