The Church and Mental Illness Part 3: Pastors’ Struggles and Churches’ Support | The Exchange | Ed Stetzer

Ed StetzerIn our final part of this series, we look at pastors’ struggles with mental illness and the supportiveness of churches. | Ed Stetzer

In my first post, I began discussing the results of some recent research conducted by LifeWay Research (in partnership with Focus on the Family and an anonymous donor) on the church and mental illness. I shared information that reveals the current general view of pastors on the subject, some of which is encouraging and some of which is rather disconcerting.

In last week’s post, we covered how pastors feel about medicine and therapy for mental illness.

We’ve talked a good bit about how pastors address (or don’t address) mental illness in their churches, but they are not immune from this sort of illness themselves.

Pastors’ Struggles With Mental Illness

As a matter of fact, 23% of our pastoral respondents indicated that they believed they had personally struggled with a mental illness of some kind. Continue reading →

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