The Gospel Foundations of Multi-Culturalism | J.D. GREEAR

J. D. GreearThis is part 2 of a four-part blog series on racial and cultural diversity. The material here is excerpted from a book I have coming out next year called Gaining by Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send. Be sure to read part 1 here.

A church can achieve remarkable unity-in-diversity when each member elevates his or her “third race.” [1] Think of your “first race” as whatever race or ethnicity you happen to be, and the “second race” as whatever races you are not. The third race is the new man that God has made you in Christ.

When you become a Christian, you don’t cease to be your first race, but you become a part of a new race, a third race. In that third race you find a unity with others who share it that supersedes any differences that come from your first races. Continue reading →

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