Weeping With the Mothers of Bethlehem | The Gospel Centered Woman

Gospel Centered WomanLast Sunday at thousands of churches across America, little children lisped, sang and maybe occasionally shouted their way through a myriad retellings and reinterpretations of the Christmas story. In our church’s rendition, my youngest nearly stole the whole show as the Shooting Star. Clad in a giant, gold lame star costume, my 8 year old sang, ran around the stage (and entire auditorium – barefoot) and generally threw herself into her role with all the enthusiasm an extroverted, redheaded third grader could muster (which is to say, a lot). My heart was full as we went home and I watched her make one last cookie and adrenaline-fueled run down the hall to her bedroom. Naturally, I sat down at my laptop to share my maternal pride on social media. But as I uploaded the pictures of my daughter’s smiling, gold starred self, headlines and pictures nearby brought a flood of tears to my eyes, tears that continue to flow even today. Continue reading →

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