Theologians Off the Rails Again… | A Pilgrim’s Progress

Eric CarpenterIn a recent blog post Arthur Sido asked an excellent question: “What is it about ecclesiology that makes otherwise sound theologians go off the rails?”

I had been thinking about that question quite a bit this week when a magazine arrived at our house. This particular magazine is published by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (where I graduated in 2006). Despite my current views on the church, I still think SEBTS does some good things. For example, I love their emphasis on international missions. A sizable chunk of this magazine focuses on that topic. However, I did find one article that is disturbing. Not surprisingly, that article focuses on the dreaded subject of church membership.

The SEBTS article is an overview of a conference held back in September that was a joint venture between SEBTS and 9Marks. The conference’s name was “Meaningful Church Membership.” A Continue reading →

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