When Grandma and Grandpa Don’t Celebrate Like We Do | Desiring God

desiringGod MinistriesYour Christmases may have been hang-loose back in the B.C. years — before children. You were thankful for Jesus, but you didn’t give much thought to how the event was observed.

Now you have young children who soak up everything. It’s important to you that your traditions turn your hearts toward the things you hold most precious — the things you most want your children to cherish. You want them to love the Son who gave up his heavenly glory and power to become a squirmy, noisy, drooling, cuddly, helpless human. You long to see them trusting their lives to Jesus who was born so he could die for them.

You choose activities, decorations, and gifts that will fill your hearts and minds with Jesus. Continue reading →

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