Of Science and Faith: Resuming the Series

Posted on December 29, 2014 by


by Jim Pemberton

At this point, it’s worth revisiting some of the things that I started with in this series. As a brief overview of what has been discussed:

Of Science and Faith

I started by pointing out that it’s important to investigate how we know things.

Then I talked about an important, but little discussed, presupposition that influences our ability to reason well: substance.

Thirdly, I spent three articles talking about what I will recap and expand on in the next article: revelation, and the reasonableness of faith.

Fourthly, I spent three articles building an understanding of the scientific method.

Fifthly, I took a break to wrap up this last semester in seminary and posted links to a series written by Brett Kunkle to give you something to think about and let you know that I hadn’t forgotten about this series.

With the next article I will start on the last few articles in this series. I plan to discuss the reasonableness of faith and I want to build on what I started, so I will start with a recap of some of what I had written at the first and synthesize an understanding of the need to be faithful to what we know as a condition for epistemology.

Then I will discuss the evidence of testimony and the battle of testimonies.

Finally, I will discuss the importance of weighing the reliability of testimonies based on the need to remain faithful to what we know.

So stay tuned…